The ongoing development of this website.

Virtual Hosting and SSL

All right, now that we have some blogs up. We will want to enable SSL/TLS security, also known as https. The reason you want this may be obvious to some. But to spell it out for you, if you don’t use https to connect to your administrative pages in Movable Type while you’re sipping on your latte, then everyone else that’s on that wireless network can see you type your password in, plain as day.

Virtual Hosting and Movable Type

It was a lot harder than I anticipated to get Movable Type to run from a single global install on all of my virtually hosted domains. So in the spirit of sharing, here’s how I did it. First, install movable type into a directory at the root of your web servers directory structure. I put mine in /var/www/shared/. The resulting directory structure contained: /var/www/shared/cgi-bin/mt This directory contains pretty much everything in the Movable Type tarball.